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KC Turner Presents: press

There's a lot of people very passionate about music, but very few who can actualize that passion in tangible ways that spread it contagiously through their community...KC is one of the precious few.
It’s great to witness the slow but eventual take over of the world by KC Turner. He is like a kid in a candy shop, wide-eyed and irrepressible. His general demeanor is that of a man who has consumed a pot of dark roasted coffee. And, just a brush with this man is like having several cups yourself. This kind of excitement and optimism is a rare sparkling gem in a world of snarky and jaded business men hiding in every other corner.

KC, you’re a great dude. You’re going places. You will be able to do whatever you set your mind to. It’s an honor to work with you. Stay
humble. Conquer the world.
You're a peach KC Turner. I admire your style.

A number of singer-songwriter house show series have been functioning (if not flourishing) in the Bay Area for years. KC Turner might be their unofficial king.

Emma Silvers - KQED
We set the bar kinda high with our first house concert together (Matt Nathanson), and KC had to “talk me down” a couple of times when I was starting to freak out. In the end though, it was a wonderful, amazing experience which then led to four great KFOG house
KC, the rock n' roll adventure continues. Keep doing what you do!
No one gives a band intro quite like KC. Thanks for all you do for the local scene. Rock on!!
KC enthusiastically runs his open mics, delivering a service to the music community with integrity and pure passion. His warm presence fosters a sense of community and has helped him grow to become one of the key players with singer-songwriters in the Bay Area. I highly recommend checking in with KC as your band develops locally. He is a special one.
Everyone reading this already knows KC is a Rock Star of the Highest Order. But I was also lucky enough to know KC before the open mics, before the house concerts, before the KFOG partnerships, and before the complete conquering of the local music scene. I knew Birkenstock KC. Novato KC. Pre-Brie KC. When I met him a few years ago, he had just moved to California. He found one of my house concerts on Craigslist and came to sing at the open mic. So, at that point, I thought his dream was to become the new Bright Eyes, not the new Bill Graham. Lucky for us, he had a dream big enough to fit more people on stage than even Conor Oberst does. KC’s not just the kind of friend whose happiness happens to come from bringing people together and helping his friends be heard. He’s the kind of friend who’ll help you move from Sausalito to Stinson Beach and carry your fat-ass couch up a ridiculously steep driveway. That, my friends, is a
true rock star. Thanks, bro. I’m glad you were born.
You are a wonderful friend to our local music community and we are so appreciative of your efforts. Great work! You are the new Bill Graham.
I wouldn't be playing music if it wasn't for KC Turner.
Babyface Turner is the best source for local music in the coolest venues. Every KC Turner show gives me the chills.
New rule. KC only gets to announce when he DOESN'T sell out a show. Then it'll be news.

What can we say about KC Turner...Well, he's one of our best friends and a genuine fixture in the Bay Area music scene. Every house concert he puts on is a hit. We're very honored to be a part of this incredible community. Thanks for rockin, KC! 

I started hearing the name KC Turner a few years ago after I’d been on the SF scene myself only a few years. What started as “Who is this KC Person?” rather quickly turned into “Who ISN’T this KC Person”. KC is a lot of things to a lot of people. He’s a heartfelt and honest singer/songwriter himself, a cheerleader for the SF Americana scene and a networker to many other major markets with an uncanny ability to weave us all together. He’s a work horse who doesn’t know how to quit until he’s gotten what he wants and what the artists that he’s working with need and he never hesitates to go above and beyond, whenever possible. Personally speaking, he’s motivated me in so many ways thru encouragement, activity and inspiration. He’s now, to say the least, a huge staple in our music community and I have no doubt that one day he will achieve Bill Graham status.
KC asked me to do come up to Rohnert Park and play Mindy Barret’s radio show on KRCB a in somewhere 2008, I quickly gravitated toward his positive attitude, idealism and his knowledge of happy hour prices around town. We easily became friends and started working together within days of our first meeting. KC’s got the right mixture of mbition and honesty that’s not often found in the world of music. There’s an excitement
everything to do with KC Turner.
KC does incredible amounts of things for many musicians and on the business side of things I am in awe of his ability to have his finger in so many pies. Even though there’s a lot of business involved, I always get the feeling that KC is not a ‘promoter’ per se, but that he is a great friend who happens to have a promoting fetish.
KC’s enthusiasm and love of music is absolutely infectious, we love him!
KC Turner is a future member of a long lineage of great San Francisco promoters who aren’t governed by anything except their love of good music and good people. He has always been so kind and supportive of my music and me and given me the confidence to keep on playing, even after the worst of gigs. It should also be stated that KC’s level of endurance for sitting through hours and hours of sad bastard acoustic music is unparalleled.
Means business. Music business. And fun. And fog. Lots of lots of fog.
KC is one of the reasons I’m happy to play music. He has brought so much to the local music scene and has accomplished an amazing amount in a relatively short time. I attribute all this to his boundless energy, enthusiasm and love for music, and most importantly, ability to get along with every kind of person. Plus, his own music is fantastic! Love you KC!!!
KC, I’m honored to have been close to you, until you eventually found a nice girlfriend to take my place. I’m glad we are friends and I will never forget the wonderful music of Cat Lady. Seriously though, you’re awesome.
Thanks to KC, we’ve been able to rock out Northern California in super rock-star style. He’s been instrumental (pun intended)booking our shows, which is difficult to do out there from Indiana-land. It was absolutely WONDERFUL playing with him both here in Indiana and out in the bay area. This kid is moving mountains and we’re SO PROUD to know and love him!
KC is a real Renaissance man. First and foremost, he’s an artist. He plays & sings, writes good tunes, improvises a little comedy here and there, is an excellent photographer and finds new ways to create almost everywhere he turns. Then there’s the part of him that’s just a natural born Bill Graham. Because he knows great music when he hears it, and he always wants to turn other people on to it, KC finds or creates the venues he needs, builds websites & networks of people, and does whatever PR & promotion is necessary to see his vision through. He’s a good person to know, and he’s also just plain good to know as a person in and of himself. He is down enough for San Francisco or Chicago, but folksy enough for the backroads folk. He is almost as funny and friendly on the mic as he is in person. Most of all, he’s a true friend and a great guy. KC is the real deal. I’m glad he followed his dreams out West and shared them with us.
KC Rocks wherever he goes. He likes people and people like him. He’s just that type of guy. It must be the shy midwestern upbringing. One of my favorite moments with KC was going to a backyard party and walking in and playing all kinds of music with him (and Ms. Brianne Bonita). However, on the way out he tripped over his own bike and hurt himself. We went to Finnegan’s to get a beer, because I told him he was being a big wus-kitty and to “buck-up”. The next open mic. he showed up in a cast! Sorry about that KC. You’re not a wus-kitty. You’re an awesome, sensitive, cool and talented tiger-kitty with a big den of fans.
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